6 Days And A Night In The Hand Of Kidnappers: My Encounter II — Buhari A. Sa'ee

In my previous narration, I am sure someone would perhaps want to know how I slept and woke up the next day in the forest especially being someone who has never experienced such a traumatic episode in his life before. Well, when I put my head on the ground attempting to sleep, despite the cut on my foot which was real and deep, I had so many scary things in my mind but in the end I just had to console and convince myself that I was dreaming. Yes, you heard me right. Dreaming! And would definitely see myself at home the next morning. So my mind was at ease and that's how I slept hoping to find myself at home the next morning.

But before I sleep, their Oga woke me up again and gave me an Android phone. I thought it was mine. I thought he'd returned back my phone, alas, it was another phone of another victim, I was sure. He gave it to me to unlock it. Yes, it was because I could used a password to unlock mine. So he thought I could unlock every other Android phone. I was scared. Really scared, for I was sure that there is no way I could unlock the phone but I still had to try. I did. Severally, but to no avail. What's next! I had to tell him even though he was there standing on my head. I explained it to him the reason I couldn't unlock the phone which he accepted.

(Friday 5th April, 2019)

It is morning and I still found myself in the forest. With a deep sigh, I said Oh God! We woke up early but we heard a strong voice shouting with insults, asking us who told us to wake up. Yes, an order must be given to you before you wake up the first morning, I guess. But I was like, why am I still here? Something one could vividly see it on my face. We were then asked to wake up because the overall Oga was around and wanted to talk to the new entrants. We were up and waiting. Before he starts, someone in his team noticed that questionable look on my face and asked whether he could serve me a tea which he was granted the authority. He unsheathed his sharp and lethal sword; cut a big branch of tree, remove the leaves and gave it to someone to serve me with a very hot tea.

I was like what kind of tea is this! There was lot of imagination. But my question and imagination was answered when I had the stick rested on my back, my head, and almost everywhere until it's torn almost into pieces. He beat me mercilessly. Even at that, one of them was disappointed the way he was beating me and in fact was even asking, is that the way to beat? He rushed, collected the stick and continue beating while the other person was using his leg and hand. What's my crime? What have I done? Where did I go wrong?
Such a treatment could only be served on a hard criminal but even at that, anything can happen. I mean, it could end one's life. Now they are all done beating. They asked whether I know where I am and I said, YES, I know.

The Oga came to me and asked who's the person on my phone wallpaper and I answered he's my father. He asked, is he a King and I said NO but they don't believe because they wanted not to. He mentioned my price, that of Ibrahim and Aliyu and he left. That's the last time I set my eyes on him.

It was still morning although a sunny one, so we had to leave the place to another place to find a shade. We did. And it is breakfast time. You'd have only one type of food, everyday, anytime, even if you're to spend 100 years with them. That's the only food; a salty rice and beans with red oil. If you aren't lucky enough and they woke up doing something else, you'd only get the morning food at around 2:00pm.
They served us food. It was in a black (Viva) nylon bag. We'd put it in the middle and I was like how can I eat this food? That's when someone (Kabiru) drew my attention that I should better eat the food because you don't know when you'd get the next one. After the breakfast, it's the phone session. Everyone would call his rescuer and that's when I was made to know my new family:

Behold! The white man was Sergio, a 62 years old Italian. A father to Giovanni and husband to Sarah. He was in his 6th day in the forest and was abdudcted on his way back to Kaduna from Abuja together with the Driver; Mike. Sergio called his rescuer and were still negotiating on his price. Yes, they made certain number of millions of Naira for the abductors but they said NO. They at least need double of that.

Mike: He is a Golf Driver. From Kaduna. He was the one kindapped together with Sergio. The abductors and his family agreed on the terms and it was for his family to bring the money. Mike was also in his 6th day.

Hussain: A J5 driver. From Borno State. He was kidnapped along the same road, Abuja to Kaduna and was in his 6th day. Just like Mike, his family accepted the terms and were on it seriously. And any moment, they would bring the money.

Kabiru: Another driver from Kano State. Kidnapped along the same road. Kabiru's family also accepted the condition attached therewith. Kabiru was also in his 6th day.

Rev. Father B: From Kaduna and was kidnapped at his own house. Rev. Father B was in his 12th day. His family did a lot to rescue him but the kidnappers were asking for more.

Me: That's my first day. I made my call too and my family without negotiation were seriously working to see if all the demands given to them could be met. Although they questioned the amount.

Ibrahim: His first day too. His family were seriously on it too. There was no negotiation even though they questioned the amount too.

Aliyu: In his first day. Made his call and were able to settled on certain amount. He is a boy and truly had nobody but someone not a relative who's been helping him. It is on this basis that they pitied him and accepted certain amount tallying the least amount they could release a person.

In most cases, if a victim wants to negotiate, he'd have a story to tell because he'd be treated like a criminal, serious beating and lots of torture. So, the family should rather negotiate with the kidnappers. That's more better. We'd trek for certain Kilometers to fetch water using 2 heavy Jerrycan. It is a very rough way; with rocks and hills. We fetch water twice a day. One in the morning and in the afternoon.

(Saturday 6th April, 2019)

To be continued...