6 Days And A Night In The Hand Of Kidnappers: My Encounter IV — Buhari A. Sa'ee

(Monday 8th April, 2019)

But wait, Aliyu's rescuer was expected to either send someone or bring the ransom himself yesterday but he didn't! That alone, it led to a serious trouble for Aliyu. He's been treated as someone who's been lying all through. Couldn't his situation be well understood having narrated his own ordeal as someone who has no blood relative(s) to help him out and was in fact testified by his so-called rescuer?

And still it was yesterday after we had the first phone session, I sighted the leader in charge leaving and I was thinking what would happen when he left. Was he going to tell them to get rid (kill) of us? Or perhaps give them the last price on each captive? What about torture? Yes, I know that's for sure. It'd continue. And he left, bidding us a farewell with a promise that if he comes back and meet us there, anything could happen. We were all scared because truly, we know, deep inside, that anything could really happen should he come back and meet us there.

It is another morning which was our 4th day. It was a scary day. Yes, Hussaini has left and Kabiru too. Yes, Aliyu's rescuer had disappointed the kidnappers and painted Aliyu as a liar. Yes, Me, Ibrahim, Rev. Father and Mike were seen as those that deliberately refused to let their families bring the ransom or make any effort towards that. Yes, Sergio's rescuer added more money but the kidnappers were asking for more. There's a lot, you know.

The Oga in charge left, leaving behind another person to take charge. This, it impelled us to make more efforts towards regaining our freedom. Some of those left in charge were sure and in fact even told us that we shouldn't let him come back and meet us without making any drastic effort and if one could, he should rather do the needful and find his way out before he comes back. Please, what is this one saying! I said to myself.

They are simple to a certain extent even though they beat too, but still, many favorable factors were in place which ascertained our little chances. The entire day was like a phone session. One could as well make a phone call without necessarily putting it on speaker. We called not once, not twice but severally. We had a very nice discussion with them. I asked myself, what should I do?

I called my brother and narrated everything to him. Let's use this opportunity. Let's not take any chances. I mean, I told him the current (soft/easy-to-negotiate) situation on ground. We together got it right and assured me that he'd definitely make it to Kaduna with the money today. I was a little bit relieved.

One would think that they use their line/phone to call. Definitely, no. What they do is that they use either of the victims phone. Three or more victims would be on one line/phone. For instance, if the victims are 9 in number, they'd at most use three lines/phones. Three captives on each. After you're all rescued, they'd break the line. That's the end of it.

On this 4th day, Rev. Father B was asked to tell his people to bring his money too. Yes, they discussed about it and unanimously agreed to collect the ransom without pushing forward again. He did and as usual, a direction was given to them which they accepted although that's what they'd been waiting for. Mike too. Sergio too although after adding more millions again. It was only Aliyu that nobody could say a word about his rescuer anymore. Yes, deep inside, I cried for him. His situation was just pathetic.

They (kidnappers) were about to leave to collect the ransom(s), that of Rev. Father B and Mike. The one to bring that of Sergio couldn't make it the very day due to distance. It was on their way that I told one of them that my brother is coming too and he asked me to tell my brother to call the normal line in order to give him a direction therefrom. We were left with fewer guards. Could one think of running? I bet no. The forest is large and they're everywhere. So it is even more safer to stay, endure the torture, negotiate and leave.

In the late hour of that day, they came back but were a bit unfriendly. They hardly talk to any captive. After few hours, one of them who was more friendly than all of them said; my friend from Zaria, your people were here. What a moment! He described the person that brought the money and asked me how related are we which I told him. His facial expression was to some extent depicting that he enjoyed every inch of the transaction. Yes, at some point, he made reference to that. By seeing that, I said, Alhamdulillah and continue praying for our safe return to our families.

They couldn't tell Rev. Father B that his people came until he asked and some replied him that his people were here too. Hey you! One of them said to Mike. I think that's where the problem is. I said to myself. So the guy continued talking to Mike. After he's all done, I became scared again because of what he said. Italia (name given to Sergio) your guy called that he couldn't make it today but by tomorrow he'd definitely be here and we told this to Sergio. Ibrahim, which stage are you with your people? They queried!

Ibrahim wanted to make more calls but was denied. We are done for today. That's what they said. Aliyu, your man is playing with us right? Aliyu wanted to talk but they said he shouldn't worry. He'd face the consequences!
That's all for the day.

(Tuesday 9th April, 2019)

We woke up earlier than the previous mornings perhaps some (Me and Father) thought our names would be called and further ask us to get ready. That morning, it was my brother that first called. Someone picked the call and asked who my brother was looking for which he hurriedly called my name. The kidnapper said, oh! Don't worry we are releasing him this morning. It is just that we are cooking them breakfast but we are releasing him the moment he's done eating his breakfast.

My brother said Ok. Thank you. May Almighty bless you.

To be continued...