Adoptable Livelihood Strategies for Youths – Abraham Abbah Dele

As we anticipate a good government over us, we must give ourselves a good government first from WITHIN. It is called SELF-GOVERNMENT. That ability to rule yourself, manage your uniqueness, deploy your potentials, position yourself for and to take opportunities and most importantly manage the world of people around you from within you. Simply put to be able to bring yourself to that point where you now respond and not react to people, government, time, events and place is what I refer to self-government.
As we look at life from our perspective and not waiting on others to live it for us, the points listed below are my personal livelihood strategies and they worked nearly perfectly.

Opportunities are divinely dressed in Challenges and questions demanding answers. When we arise to confront these challenges and generate adequate knowledge and expertise to provide answers to peoples questions its one lively strategy that cannot fail.
Exercise your periods of waiting to produce result/capacity/productivity rather than complains against men and institutions.

Don't just do anything to while-away time that's your handle to the tomorrow you are waiting for.
Don't just do anything and everything; do things you have studied carefully and understood its operations and strategies of selling to the public.
Being able to sell your skills and turn your vocational engagement into an enterprise that sustains is also a SKILL you must develop.

Most people have billionaire skills but do not know how to deploy.
Haven educated your brains and minds and sent your fingers back to school for skill acquisition, you must develop CHARACTER AND STRENGTH. They will help you through tough times and manage your client base. You will need strength and character for as long as your business must survive. Most times the best in certain vocations have the worst Character/attitude and with very poor people management skills, they loose their patronage to people who are not as good as they.

If you copy the arrogance of a man who operates a monopoly business or skills as a guy who does business admits competition; you are so ongoing to loose all. YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THE UNIQUENESS OF THE SYSTEM YOU ARE LEARNING FROM. Applications may vary.
The way to start is just to START. The tree you eat from today and rest under its shade was once a seed that was not eaten but planted. The security dog that saves and alerts its master of danger today; was once a puppy that was FED AND TRAINED. JUST START GROWING SOMETHING.
ANOTHER livelihood strategy is to offer voluntary service in the areas of your interest. This brings you close to the world of your passion and interest and you get to know people, establish relationships that most likely would be of help tomorrow. Again the news of opportunities around that field gets to you readily as opposed to getting information outside when its most time slate.
Volunteering builds your knowledge in such job areas and helps during interviews. Note that it is better to waste your time volunteering than to sleep it away in the name of waiting.
Its either you waste while waiting or gain while you wait for the next big thing. Save the waste while you wait. I am still waiting also form big dreams to come true. As yet wait, I am fulfilling small small dreams yearly which would eventually climax into my big dream.

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