Educational Awareness Among Nigeria Youth on Election Violence -By Dr MB Ibrahim

I will like to discuss the above subject matter on 3 points.
The points are:
(1) Re -orientation of youth on constitutional provisions on the danger of election violence,
(2) Religious leader intervention, and
(3) Role of Traditional rulers in educating the youth on the danger of election violence.

These three points could be considered as political, religious and traditional ways of given comprehensive awareness to youth on election violence.

The first one should be on constitutional provisions on what the government said about loyalty to the nation and causing violence in the country the youth should know the reward of good did and bad did and where both will take them to. For instance section 41(1) of Nigerian constitution .and section 150(1) & 2 of the constitution talks on how the offenders should be trial.

Secondly, the whole religious body should try to supervises and monitor the followers in the worship centre's and home in order to give them moral training base on the Holly book and the Holly Bible for example the Qur'an stated that.... In verse 22: 40-41 while in bible Isaiah 60:18 also talks on violence so our youth should come back to their senses in order to joint hand to develop the educational sector towards rapid economic development. Following this will make our youth to behave base on their religion as well as culture which am sure will reduce election violence in our communities as result of acquiring sound education.

Thirdly, traditional rules should design their rules base on the constitution and they should be vigilante as well as supervision of village head and district head to ensure smooth circulation of rules then educate the youth on the important of the rule of law in our land through that the leaders will tell them the implication of election violence in our societies. This is also vital, why because the traditional rulers permanent youth as a member in any society and temporary member so they can observed the bad one and the good one, the issue is not to drive them out but to call their attention through suggestions and making them self-independent. The youth should be guided by the traditional rulers in order to Ginger them to be able to engaged themselves in various hand work such as farming, carpenter, or irrigation farming, this will definitely reduce election violence. It will also make youth as mentioned by Mao Tsetung of China that youth should try and maintain and utilize the available local resources for their consumption for development of them self. This really considered as re- generation of ones efforts towards self-reliance. And that is how China became independent and one of the powerful country without engaging youth in election violence cases but engaging them in creativity and innovations.

Therefore, the issue is for Nigerians to change the attitudes, values to real love for our nation not that you love me physically while internally you hate me, this also lead you to participate in the subject matter.

Finally, we should adopt the method of choosing the right people in the right party for the development of youth and our nation.

About the Author
Muhammad Bello Ibrahim (PhD) is an indigene of Zaria LGA, Kaduna State. He holds B.Ed. (ABU), M.Ed (ABU), Ph.D (IIUM, MALAYSIA) where he specialized in Educational Administration and Planning. He is An Astute Academician both National and International.

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