Nigeria's Democracy @20 : Political Ideology Still A Missing Link - By Nurudeen Dauda

May 29, 2019
nurudeendauda24@gmail. com

Our Democracy in this 4th republic has the longest years of a democratically elected leaders at a stretch. From this year, May 29th of every year will not longer be marked as Nigeria's Democracy Day. The June 12th of every year will now be our new Democracy day while May 29th of every year will now be the day of swearing in of our new elected leaders.

In my view, it is sad to note that, 20 years after, our Political Parties still have no clear cut Ideology. They do not also have a clear cut dichotomy among them in terms of Socio-economic outlooks and or policies. Their funding mechanism is still largely from "State Resources" instead of their individual membership contributions and other relevant resources.

In my observation, one of the major sets back of our Democracy is the absence of Political Parties' formation based on an Ideology. In advance democracies Political Parties are Ideologically based. In most cases, there are two major Political Ideologies which are : Right-Wing, and Left-Wing Political Ideologies.

Right Wing Political Parties favour liberal Socio-Economic Policies with Capitalist Economic Model. On the other hand, Letf Wing Political Parties favour Centrally planned Socio-Economic Policies with Socialists Economic Model.You can never divorce or detach Politics from the economy. You have to stabilize the Economy for you to stabilize the Polity.

Political Ideology could be defined as a set of doctrines or beliefs that are shared by the members of a social group which forms the basis for political or economic views. More so, a political ideology is a coherent set of views on politics and what should be the role of government in the state.

In my humble understanding, Political Parties defection in Nigeria, by the politicians especially, from the major opposition PDP to the ruling APC is due to absence of political parties formation based on ideologies. In my view , if our Political parties are formed based on Political Ideology , the issue of defection from one party to the other would not have even arisen. It is the best way to solve the problem of political parties defection.

Political Party support based in the western world is based on people's Ideologies. Political parties are Ideologically driven. Members of a Political party in the western world are people who share similar Political and or Economic Ideology. However, in Nigeria one can safely say politicians only join parties in order to have Political platforms for contesting elective offices not because they share similar Political or Economic Ideology.

In my suggestion, we need Political parties' formation based on certain Politico-Economic Ideology. In my view, for we to get it right, we should and or must discourage politicians from seeking for political power by all means. Our politicians should and or must build their parties' support based on certain Political Ideology.

In my thought, for we to get it right, our politicians should and or must begin to galvanize their support through promotion of a particular Politico-economic Ideology not regional or ethnic consideration. Our electorate should and or must be educated towards supporting political leaders based on their Politico-economic Ideologies not regional or ethnic consideration.

May God bless Nigeria!

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