Nurturing of Pragmatic and Circumspect Leaders as a Panacea to Poor Leadership in Nigeria - By Samaila Ahmad

Owing to the thought-provoking composition of the theme, I find it pertinent to divide its corpus meticulously into three parts with a workable conclusion. Firstly, nurturing; secondly, pragmatic and circumspect leaders; and, thirdly, poor leadership.

In this context, dictionary may not be that useful to relate the concept to the context. Nurturing here is the concerted effort that has to do with our collective will and commitments. This is by looking for individuals who are positive and believed to have the required qualities to lead. Of great mention are, educational and social qualities. They have to be chosen based on the aforementioned yardsticks. They should be sponsored and thoroughly guided as well by a development blueprint provided by the party. However, the implementation needs to considerably be guided by the priorities in time(s). Of course, we may still see nurturing seemingly as usual though metamorphosed to a feasibly cogent inducement.

Affiliations and sentiments should strictly be avoided. Whosoever qualifies should be chosen whatsoever. However, to shun the aforementioned intrinsic flaws, the party should have a financial system where members contribute as to finance the activities of the party. This is because if the party is being sponsored by one person it is practically impossible to avoid his influence in the decisions of the party and thus the aim will inevitably be defeated.

Pragmatic and Circumspect Leaders
These are people who are enthusiastically empathetic, straightforward, selfless, sympathetic fearless, decisive, bold, optimistic, focused and prudent. They are not fickle no matter how odd the circumstances look. And they have shrewd foresight on all matters.

Although most of us may doubt the tendency of having such a people, but this is very very possible thus our being objective and constructive is of paramount importance to achieve that. We need to be radically selfless in all our dealings.

These are people who are always there for their people. They are obsessed by the happenings around them. They have remarkable vision and mission towards transforming humanity for the better. To them, conventions are never obstacles. They have extraordinary understanding of situations. They don't misplace priorities unnecessarily. They give listening ears to everyone. And they conditionally give a rethink to their decisions. They talk less and act more.

With the qualifiers above, I know you and I just imagine some individuals we know or heard about who have the qualities. But unfortunately, our political system is too hostile to recognize them. Therefore, they are denied access to the system due to its materialistic nature, an artifice that needs to be dealt with once.

Poor Leadership
Is a disorderly state of affairs of a sovereign territory posed by failures of its leadership to clearly define, profess and willingly promote the existence of the territory educationally, economically and philosophically.

For a paradigm shift, there should be a feasible blueprint. Therefore, a society that lacks a development blueprint for its evolution could never tame its challenges let alone prosper. In such an uncertainty, laws are neither abide by nor respected. Living will be under all pretexts. Sentiments and affiliations become the measurable standards in doing everything in the territory. Oppressors would be above the laws as the system is under their influence thus the laws are only for the oppressed as they are considered to be unproductive due the materialistic nature of the system.

As everyone of us is either a potential leader or a potential demagogue, not everyone of us is a good material for leadership. Leaders are not made but born. As it is beyond reasonable doubt, it has come to justify my lense. Our sorry state in this country may not be unconnected to the undisputed reality. It is no longer an opinion but a fact. Most if not all our leaders are not good materials for leadership. But the materialistic nature of the political system has made it easy for them and regrettably not to only lead but cling on the mantles of power despite their apparent cluelessness and remarkable ineptitude.

Leaders are born. I know that this is a controversial assertion but it truism comes to stay. All our founding fathers were born leaders not made. It was why they lived up to the expectation of their people. Most of them were TC teachers they were adopted and presented for the tasks. Thank God, they did well.

The major reason why we persistently suffer the avoidable and unnecessary brunts of poor leadership in this country is because the wrong people are chosen to lead us based on pretexts. They know the right things to do but give them up in fear or favour. So, let us all agree that the trend is changeable if we are ready to.

In a nutshell, we get to understand that leaders need to be adopted for real and productive leadership and radicalism should be the procedure for adopting them. We are not too late yet. Therefore, with selflessness, political will and commitments it is practically possible that an overhaul for effective leadership can be devised and championed in Nigeria. However, this can be beyond the rhetoric if we choose to grovel to the path of honour. We can all see the implications of making leaders in Nigeria of today. God fatherism is the trend. You can only be if the kingmakers agreed.

About the Author
Samaila Ahmad is a graduate of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria where he batch B.A Ed. in English. He is a curious learner, philosophically a pragmatist, scientifically a constructivist, socially a fact finder with great passion in teaching. This is what shapes his world.

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