On The Postponement Of Elections: Our Appeal — Buhari A. Sa'ee

"Every election is determined by the people who show up"
— Larry J. Sabato

The recently (though unexpected) announcement by INEC postponing the General Elections which was slated to take place today being 16th February, 2019 has seriously dissuaded many people (disenfranchised probably). Some people were only able to make it to their polling places after passing through tough routes, some have been planning for this day thereby clearing whatever schedule they might have on the elections day. For some, there are lots of reasons.

After this announcement, many people have decided to either stay and wait or perhaps come back and make their votes count. They have reached to a conclusion that whatever INEC will do not just the postponement, they will surely go out and vote. That's encouraging.

Some have decided to just stay away from whichever political activity of the country not just the elections. They reserved that they can't sacrifice for the country that doesn't care about their well being anymore. They couldn't endure it anymore and have decided to move on with their activities. They decided to just listen to the happenings of the elections with some hoping that the candidate(s) of their choice will make it through. This is the problem.

What we've been telling people is that we all in one way or other have made lots of sacrifices in order to make sure that we vote for our candidate(s) and make sure that our votes count. Yes, some people couldn't make it probably because they can't stay or come back if they leave due to certain unavoidable factors but many have decided not to vote because of this postponement. They see it as unfortunate and unbecoming of INEC to make the announcement at such hour.

Pertinently, elections are held to elect those capable men who are tested and trusted, those capable of developing the country in all areas. It therefore worth every sacrifice. Election is determined by the people who show up. Make it possible and be at your polling unit. Elect the candidate(s) of your choice. I'm sure deep within you have a reason you want to elect your candidate. Endure the 1 week or perhaps any other delay because that would be much more enduring than regretting for many years of bad leadership. Make your vote count. That's our APPEAL.

With this sacrifice, I'm sure the unborn generation would be proud of us for standing firm towards providing for them a better and well secured environment. Let the next generation be proud and appreciate the way you lived. With this, you're living a legacy. A legacy worth remembering. This is our APPEAL.

Lastly, don't think that your candidate has the majority number therefore whether you vote or you not, your candidate would still win. It doesn't work out that way. If he has the majority then it is because of people like YOU who made the numbers but what happen if the same people that formed the majority for a candidate decided to stay away? Would your candidate still have the majority? I doubt it. So literally, it is YOU who formed the majority for your candidate which means your candidate can't win if you stay away. So come out and make this a reality.

"We do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate".
— Thomas Jefferson.

Saturday Column