Significance of reforms and building strong institution - By Dr. M B Ibrahim

Reform could be seen as a way of making changes in an institution or an organization with regards to the law of the institution or structures in processes of improving the organization or implementing total change for the development of the institution. So as we all know, Nigeria as a nation is an institutions egalitarian and self-reliance nation as enshrined in the National Policy on Education. For instance, strategic for reform in Nigeria; reform of power sector, reform of educational sector, reform of banking sector, lastly reform of attitudes and values for building strong institution.

Megawatts should be stable in Nigeria for all citizen's without any different of class thats the upper and the lower, it is also important to stop privatization of power sector in Nigeria for in order to reduce the victimization of consumers.

Education is a process of acquiring formal learning that will equip individuals with different skills or techniques in the process of becoming professional in a particular area of specialization.
Education is the heart of every Nation because quality education is the success of that nation interns of technology and other aspect of development but in Nigeria the issue of educational development is getting worst as we all know that ASUU are on strike due to lack of facilities and other materials that will enhance effective learning. It is also important to note that UNESCO advised that the allocation that each country will give to educational sector should not go below 25% while in Africa like Nigeria is not like that, though on 27 Nov 2018 Vice President Prof. Yemi Osibanjo said 60 billion has been allocated to education but when we looked at it we found that in 10 years only 3.9 trillion was allocated to education instead of 55.9 trillion.

Reform of banking sector should be based on capital in the bank as a rule that each bank should have 25 billion before starting operation. But is this rule taking place that is why we are experiencing various acquisition of banks for instance Diamond bank to Access, Skye to Polaris due to lack of proper supervision and miss management in the sectors. Meanwhile all these should be handled by management to ensure success and development not collapses of some Banks, the staff also be accountants and economic s for effective management. Through the effective way of utilizing these pillars of the Nigerian banking sector reforms include: Enhancement of the quality of banks in Nigeria; to enhance financial stability, and by implication economic stability; to bring about healthy financial sector evolution that will result in the much-desired financial sector inclusiveness; and to ensure that the institutions are considered as profit making organization.

Another reform that we are careless about it is the reform of our attitudes and values which I believe if Nigerian will do that, there will effective building of strong and self-reliance institutions in Nigeria that they will independent not dependent either directly or indirectly on the other nations. This could be possible if we love ourselves regardless of our culture, tradition, religion as well as unity for building strong institution.

What we need in Nigeria is a total reform of every single thing in this country, from governance, to institutions, to homes, and the society at large. This will help greatly in making things work again.

If the above points can be used judiciously through the effective use of our religion, our culture, tradition, this will ensure total transformation for building better Nigerian with quality attitudes and values that will be acceptable to every communities in the world.

Conclusively, we should put the expert in their various area of professionalism for better building and reform of strong institution in Nigeria.

About the Author
Dr. Muhammad Bello Ibrahim was born and brought up in Zaria a core teacher by profession.

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