Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe, an African by nature and a gift by reality; Father Robert Gabriel Mugabe, a man of self-reliance and absolute courage. Uncle Robert Gabriel Mugabe, the terror in the day of imperialism (Africa post-colonialism) and the horror in the night of imperialism (Africa post-colonialism). Brother Robert Gabriel Mugabe, the legacy of Africa revolutionaries; Elder Mugabe, the true definition of mentorship and Ancestor Robert Gabriel Mugabe, the wind that will bring Africa full freedom.

Papa! Your speeches at the UN Assembly are unmatched; they are a trembling trend and foiling tool of imperialism in Africa.

Papa! Your leadership role at AU proved your unique stand for Africa full freedom

Papa! Your leadership role in Zimbabwe (an African state) explains the promising use and Value of AFRICA LANDS

Papa! You were labeled bad because the imperialists wanted a way out of your consistent attacks and disruption of their plans to continue exploiting Africa and Africans

Papa! They thought your departure from office ends their torment but NO the torments just began because you gave birth to us, groomed us and we are now conscious

Papa! Today Zimbabwe now know your value and the reason why you wanted to stay in power

Papa! Your unreserved words and critics of the Africa land’s rights are absolutely the trade for the Africa revolution

Papa! You have left what we call the AFRICA LEGACY

The Africa Quest for Development in its hope for Africa full freedom heartily stand to celebrate your gigantic strives here in mother Africa; your courage and words of patriotism has made us to be ongoing, you made us know that we must not relent; we must keep on track and this we have persisted. We do affirm your ascension will bring to us the desired Africa full freedom; endeavour to inform our ancestors that we will not relent but build on the foundation you laid down.

Ancestor Robert Gabriel Mugabe, we are aware of your efforts to join hands with other African leaders to exterminate imperialism but they declined, still you persisted.

Today Papa! These leaders who objected to your efforts of securing Africa full freedom are claiming to acknowledge your value; Papa! You know them and you can see them; chase them and let them know no peace

Papa! Those rebellious Zimbabweans who ousted you from office just to satisfy imperial goal; Papa, you know them and you can see them, let them feel your wrath.

Papa! Some African leaders playing politics with our unity and freedom; Papa, you know them and you can see them, let them feel your wrath

Papa! Many people paying tribute to you has no intentions of building on your foundation; you know them and you can see them, let them feel your wrath

Papa! You have become our guide and our light at the end of the tunnel; enrich us with your wisdom so that we can be steadfast. Enrich us with your courage so that we will not fear or tremble; enrich us with your understanding so that we will not be confused and become puppets of imperialists

Papa! You have made a remark and it is time rest; we will continue from here.

Travel well and keep us on track

```Yours In Africa Service```

Umudjere Africaman
Continental Chairman,
The Africa Quest for Development

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