Delta Indigenes Initiative for Good Leadership (DIIGL) berates Nigeria electioneering system, calls it a rape of the people's will

DIIGL, a sociopolitical human rights group based in Delta State berates the Nigeria Electioneering system and the Politicians alike, christening it a system designed to rape the Nigeria Masses, judging from the outcome of the 2019 general elections.

DIIGL has followed the Nigeria electioneering system over the years especially in this fourth republic with heart breaking disappointment. She believes that the highest corruption index begins with how leaders are enthroned. She queried the rationale behind using the outdated rigging pronged ballot paper system and whereas results are not transmitted immediately from Polling Units thereby giving room for manipulation.

Politicians on the other hand, knowing the loopholes in our electioneering system rather than do issues-based campaign, have monetize the electoral system to their advantage: A system designed by they(Politicians) to perpetuate themselves in power against the people's will. DIIGL, noted that all Nigeria Political parties are neck deep in the election rigging process, the best of riggers backed by incumbency takes the day.

Delta State has rather been a Micro-Nigeria with an inordinate appetite for rigging, No Political Party is spared in this rape of the people's will...A situation that tends to polarize our dear state, that is divinely blessed with human and Natural Resources, thereby skewing developmental projects and empowerment towards an ethnic group. This is a sad development that must be discouraged.

DIIGL wish to alert our Politicians to seat up and return power back to the people through a people-oriented electioneering process that will nip election rigging at the bud. DIIGL recommends total electronic voting system that will allow immediate update of results, that will be displayed at the polling units as the Votes are casted and transmitted to collation centers. DIIGL will not hesitate to employ the tool of Radical Revolution if this recommendations are jettisoned in subsequent elections.

General Ejiwealth Emareyo Oghenekparobor.

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