Kicking Out Godfatherism: Arewa Youth Forum Backs el-Rufai * says godfatherism prevented youth from political positions

The Arewa Youth Forum is solidly in support of the Kaduna State Governor, Malam Nasir el-Rufai over recent statements credited to him that godfatherism should give way in politics in Nigeria.

His call is a welcome development and should be supported by every youth in the country as it remains the only key to liberation.

We took our time to respond after brainstorming and unanimously agreed that such liberation can only be achieved if we vehemently resist and kick out godfatherism from Nigeria's political terrain.

In a statement signed by the National Acting President, Arewa Youth Forum, Ahmed Muhammed Zagi, said Since our country attained Independence in 1960, we have had almost the same set of people dictating who becomes what in our country.

These same set of people became leaders when they were youth but unfortunately, decades after, they greedily cling onto the corridors of power, constantly dictating who they think will do their bidding.

We are happy that Governor el-Rufai remains a shining example that Nigerian youth can win elections without relying on so called godfathers.

With his success story, we as Arewa Youth in particular, and Nigerian youth in general can hold our own grounds and begin to dictate who becomes what, a development that will usher us into prosperity through fresh innovative minds that will propel industrialization and economic growth.

Arewa Youth Forum frowns at those who may have misunderstood el-Rufai, who for now has demonstrated leadership ability and is a revolutionary step we can rely on especially now that our country is saddled with several challenges that require pragmatic solutions

We therefore, reiterate our support for Malam el-Rufai and call on him to be the leading light to liberate Nigeria from the shackles of godfatherism which has held our collective destinies captive for too long.

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