At the recently concluded meeting of the elders of Kwara South and some
legally constituted members of the executives of our great party, the All Progressive
Congress, we resolved as follows:-

The people of Kwara South request retention of the ministerial slot In the Senatorial District but to another vibrant, generous, well-grounded and transparent politician.

A person who is not of dual citizens, irrevocably committed to the yearnings and aspirations of Kwarans, accessible, in constant tough and ready to deliver the dividents of democracy by bringing genuine inconclusiveness of members in governance.

For clarity sake, Alhaji Lai Mohammed as a minster enjoying Kwara State slot has no meaningful contribution or involvement whatsoever in Kwara party affairs for the past three years until recently when it dawn on him that the people are ready for a change.

He must not be commended for our electoral victory in Kwara State, but rather, he gatecrashed and or hijacked the leadership to be in the forefront after realizing we were going to succeed.

He has no meaningful contribution towards the progress and success of our struggle but rather he has been trading to enrich himself.

He has not been accountable to either the state executive or party leaders for all the monies he has been collecting over the years and recently in the name of Kwara Agenda.

Interestingly but sadly, Alhaji Lai Mohammed is fast tailoring himself along the lines of our former tyrant and dictator in the state who operates as a sole administrator which was the basis of our struggle and war for liberation of our dear state.

Never shall we return to that bad era which Alhaji Lal Mohammed also represents. Please let him tell us all the donors, amount, expenditure and balance at hand-over the years he had been trading with Kwara.

Kwara south is strongly opposed to his reappointment as a minister on Kwara slot because of his antecedents in the last four years.

He has no impact in the four years terms of patronage that qualifies him to further enjoy our slot. There are about 23 Agencies and parastatals under his ministry yet there are none of us in Kwara enjoying appointment or patronages from these parastatals. He diverted everything to his people in Lagos.

We have illustrious tested politicians from Kwara South that are not having dual citizenship that can be considered for such appointment in a bid to move Kwara forward and compliment the incoming administration.

It is worthy of mention that Alhaji Lai Mohammed's activities have been destabilizing and polarizing the party in the state. He has been fostering himself over the party and running it as his personal estate. He collected all the vehicles, motorcyles, other campaign materials and funds and unilaterally disbursed to his cronies, individuals and diverted some to his personal campaign organization (LAMCO).

He has never accounted for all the monies collected to the state executive or leaders. Infact, he has crippled the state executive and prevented them from functioning using his personal political organization instead.

Alhaji Lai Mohammed has been undermining the governor elect by his conduct and activities. He has been operating at variance with the governor elect and promoting factional politics in the state.

He usurped the powers and duties of the governor elect by acting as presidential coordinator contrary to party's guidelines thereby hijacking campaign materials and funds.

He has even gone to the extent of personally sharing political offices before the Gubernatorial election and trying to Lord and force it on the governor elect.

We shall not succumb as we are solidly behind the Governor elect not to compromise to any God father in our dear state.

We are compelled to make reference to a press conference held on Tuesday the 14th of May 2019 by some of our members from Irepodun LGA. It is interesting to note that the leaders were functional active members of the Kwara South elders forum until recently when they started pursuing personal selfish interest of an individuals that are at variance with the wishes and yearnings of our people in Kwara South Senatorial District and Kwara State as a whole.

It should be noted that the wife of the leader of the group (Dr. Heizekaya Oyedepo) was appointed the director general of national theater by Alhaji Lai Mohammed and Dr. Oyedepo collected a personal gift of a brand new car from the minster from the hijacked vehicles from the National Campaign Council.
It should be noted that, the president was voted for a second term based on his wonderful unprecedented performances in touching the life of the poor. Lai Mohammed has virtually nothing to show in Kwara to deserve the kind of followership enjoyed by the likes of distinguished leaders, Ahmed Tinubu in Lagos or Chief Akande, the National Chairman, Adams Osiomole and others.

In conclusion, we appeal to the national secretariat and the presidency to please kindly appoint one of us (Kwara based politician) that will be assessible, irrevocably committed to represent our people and complement the efforts and activities of the governor elect in an attempt to move the state to a greater height.


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