Muslims in Southern Kaduna commemorates Islamic new year with special prayers

Hundreds followers of the Tijjaniyyah order in Islam under the auspices of Ansaru Faidhatu Tijjaniyya gathered at Jema'a Central Mosque in Kafanchan to observe the Annual Zikr and prayers to commemorate Islamic New Year, 1441 AH.

Dignitaries from within and outside the Jama'a Emirate in Southern Kaduna circled at the Da'ira to recite zikrs, after which religious teachers preached and offered prayers for the peace in the country.

The Deputy Chief Imam of Jama'a Central Mosque Sheikh Muhammad Kabir Qassim has called on the people in the country to hold fast to the teaching of their religions and preach and pray for peace for the benefit of humanity.

The chairman, Ansaru Faidhatu Tijjaniyya, Kafanchan, Alhaji Husain Muhammad B. Tahir called on the parents to inculcate religious teachings and good habits in their children.

He thanked Almighty God for sparing their time to see this new year's annual prayer in which they also prayed for the first chairman and the founder of the organization, Suleiman Tijjani Tahir who was kidnapped and killed months ago.

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