Plot to Remove Magu, An Assault to Fight Against Corruption

By Abubakar Sadiq Mohammed, Zaria

A Kano-base Civil Society Organization,Resource Centre for Human Rights&Civic Education (CHRICED) has condemned plots to unceremoniously force Mr. Ibrahim Magu out of his position as Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

The Executive Director of the centre, Dr. Ibrahim Zikirullah in a statement while responding to Media report on the alledged plot described the move as an assault against Anti-corruption crusade.

"This latest reported move to push Magu out of the EFCC is the handiwork of the enemies of the campaign against corruption, which in spite of its many contradictions has recorded significant gains in recent times.

"It is disheartening that a dedicated public servant like Magu, who has recovered close to one trillion Naira from looters since he was appointed in 2015, would be harassed at every turn." he lamented.

The Executive Director noted that it is only in Nigeria that dedicated people are treated with disdain,observing that in saner climes, Magu’s achievements alone would have long secured his position.

He described Magu is a patriot who has through his time at the EFCC,defied the odds to ensure monies and assets siphoned by thieving public officials are returned, and culprits brought to justice.

"Given the important contributions Magu has made to the recovery of looted assets and holding the corrupt to account, many citizens expected that as soon as President Muhammadu Buhari won a second term in office, his name would be among the first to be sent to the National Assembly for confirmation.

"Without doubt also, the onslaught against corruption is one of the reasons why citizens still have some hope that the current administration could end up bettering their lot. If this signature issue of the government is allowed to be dismantled on the altar of petty scheme, the perception of Nigerians about the sincerity of the government’s anti-corruption agenda will be further badly affected." he observed.

He therefore said it is unacceptable that Magu such a good servant of the Nigerian people in the area of fighting corruption would be hounded endlessly by corrupt elements who believe the country is their personal estate to plunder without being asked questions.

CHRICED also notes that the prerogative of deciding who heads the EFCC is that of the President; and in exercising that power, it is important that merit, competence and track record takes precedent over the scheming of those who insist on seeing Magu’s back because they have skeletons in their cupboards.

CHRICED also admonishes that in exercising this power and prerogative, the President should look at the track record of the current occupant of the position and assess whether he has performed well or not in the discharge of his duties.

"This in our candid view, are the factors which should determine how the occupant of such a sensitive office should be chosen, not by the scheming of interested parties and politically exposed persons (PEP) who clearly have an interest in ensuring the EFCC is weakened and made subservient." he ventured.