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There are several factors that contribute to the defeat of the former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar (Wazirin Adamawa ) The PDP presidential candidate. however, these factors can be either internal(within Atiku himself, his teams/Campaign organizations and the PDP itself) and external... By the way in this article I will only identify few factors I witnessed so far.

1. Atiku's utterances : The Atiku's unconvincing utterances like , I will sell NNPC, I will enrich my friends/are my friends not entitled to be rich? contributed so much to his fate. Although some of his media teams tried to dismiss it as fake but it already went viral and the former "I will sell NNPC" was confirmed as Atiku repeated his stand on it during his meeting with stakeholders in Kaduna ( confirmed by Daily Trust). Despite the fact that there is both positive and negative impacts of privatization but one thing Atiku failed to note is that several people will misunderstand it and the APC media will misinterpret it anyhow to discredit him , in fact many ware manipulated in to believing that he wants to sell it to enrich himself and his friends as asserted , Others had feared that it would bring negative impact on the economy. while others feared that privatizing our oil sectors will lead to oil prices hike.. And the worst of all Atiku, his teams and the PDP failed to enlighten and convince the masses about the positive impact privatizing the oil sectors will bring. They fail to use NITEL privatization as a case study to tell Nigerians how privatizing the NITEL makes it easy for even poor Nigerians to afford mobile phones and SIM cards when in reality many of us can't even afford the SIM cards before privatization. They didn't enlighten the masses how privatization improve economic competition and growth.. This one cost them a lot in both the North and the South

2. APC Slogan and powerful media propaganda : the APC short and mighty slogan "Next Level" is mighty. It's short and easy for even the kids to sign and pronounce than PDP slogan "Let's Get Nigeria Working Again" in fact some APC media propaganda experts turned the slogan in to "Let's Get Nigeria Looting Again" funny but discouraging... More so the APC has powerful media propaganda Team than the PDP. The Buhari media center /Buhari New Media Center is one of the most powerful media team (especially social media) that served as an agent to credit Buhari and APC and to discredit Atiku and PDP. They shared everything negative about Atiku and the PDP whether it's true or not, confirmed or not just to discredit him and the PDP. Never underestimate the power of media propaganda and manipulation. The more you manipulate people the more you manipulate their votes.

3. Corruption in the so called Atiku campaign organization(s) most Atiku campaign organization are as corrupt as the media described Atiku himself. I knew one Atiku campaign organization that it leaders siphoned 11millions given to the organization by Atiku's son which led to chaos and confusion to the extent that the group divided itself (faction emerged). Note that this is a coalition of groups with more than 120 registered groups from Gombe and some Northeast states. The division led to many people and groups withdrawing themselves and promised to vote PMB instead..

4. Atiku aligning himself with the worst cabals, corrupts, and bigots/ Enemy of the North. I don't want to talk much about this, but you can hardly win the North (especially North west) if you align yourself with the enemies of the Norths and bigots. One of my friend from Adamawa told me that he sincrely admire Atiku but Atiku aligning himself with bigots for the sake of power makes him to vote Buhari instead. He's not alone, many of us share the same opinion here.
More so, there are many hypocrites and cabals in his Team. Most of these Atiku campaign Coordinators are more concerned about their political ambition than that of Atiku... They want to deceive him but unfortunately most of them lost together. I still don't want to mention names but I'm sure you know them better.

5. Vote Buying : vote buying which one of the ugliest phenomenon in Nigerian politics but it's making significant impact... Both the APC and PDP are not immune from it. However ,while the EFCC and INEC security agents were busy monitoring Atiku and his team (some of whom were harassed/questioned for the use of money) This scare PDP and Atiku Teams from using Money meant for vote buying. Although some observes believed that the 2019 presidential election will be massive vote buying however the trends are not as much as predicted due to EFCC and INEC security agents...but despite the EFCC and INEC warning against vote buying, both the ruling party and the opposition were doing it in some states, For instance, in Bauchi midnight prior to the Election postponement, the APC distributed a lot of money to any one they met urging them to vote APC. A friend of mine got his share. Meanwhile some APC campaigning teams/organizations told different women to come with their PVC and collect money which meant to votes APC. My sister in law told me she's among the beneficiary. What about tradermoni? Many political pundits believed that the so called tradermoni is indirectly used to garner vote but I reserve my comment....
PDP did their own in some states though with fear of harassments mentioned earlier. Meanwhile the fact is that some politicians are only tempted to partake in the act of vote-buying in order not be outdone by their opponents..

6.Last but not least, Buhari's past records (integrity and popularity): Buhari's past records of performance in the public service, Buhari's incorruptible past records, Buhari's performance in Agriculture which benefits many farmers in the North, Buhari's infrastructural strides in both South and the North and his pass mark performance on Boko Haram insurgency also contributed to defeat of the former Vice President His Excellency, Atiku Abubakar GCON!

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