Depression Is Real

I ache. I know I need to do something about it But my bones are numb They won’t take me out of bed. I would love to see the sun, marvel at its beauty But my eyes won’t open to them Of course I want to live and enjoy life like a healthy person would.. Be as free and happy as a child on the beach, Run in the sand, Laugh with every touch of the breeze, every taste of sand, No worries,No gloom. I can picture happiness but I am never in it I look at the mirror and my reflection shows me cuts, falls and poisoning. I am at the edge of the bridge, the water beneath me is an anchor to my bliss My mind has accepted its defeat Doesn’t matter how bad I want to be happy I never will. I am at peace with my distress I can’t be fine and won’t be fine. There are a lot of people who feel this way. Depression is real and it’s sad that it’s a highly neglected condition. It has been proved that mental illnesses can destabilise a person more than HIV, accidents and heart diseases combined . It has also been proved that three in ten Nigerians suffer from mental disorders. It is heartbreaking that people with depression and other mental illnesses are not given enough medical attention or attention at all. Depression can’t always be spotted but there are symptoms which range from; loss of interest in life, hopelessness, anxiety, irritability… the list is endless. sometimes the symptoms won’t be seen by outsiders. Depressed people can also be the coolest people to hang around with, they can be funny, loud and the party bubblers, they don’t always show up looking gloomy and angry at everyone. A person suffering from the illness can also be very good at hiding it, so it is important to take extra caution with someone that you can see is suffering but tells you he is not. There are various causes of depression from genetics and chemical imbalance to loss, grief and stress. It’s an illness like any other that requires diagnosis and medical attention. It is not to be ignored. Depression is not these things; Depression is not a spiritual illness- but if prayers make you feel better by all means don’t do it alone; depression is not a form of weakness, either having it or talking about it.If you are suffering from depression please share your feelings with someone, don’t be ashamed it’s ok not be ok. Share and seek help. Depression and talking about depression is not a form of weakness. If you are depressed it is important that you share your problems with a friend or family and seek medical help. If you know anyone suffering from depression, be kind, listen to them and get help for Talk to your family and friends ensure you have a good support system around you. There is hope. Written by Bashir Umar and Tobee Awosika.

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