It was an abomination. We, the concern citizens of Zazzau Emirate witnessed the assault, victimization, traumatization and brutalization on one of it is members; the Emir's representative, Professor Ahmed Tijjani Mora (Wakilin Maganin Zazzau) by the entire leadership the of Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN). The Emir's representative is a traditional title holder of Zazzau Emirate as the Wakilin Maganin Zazzau, which metaphorically means officer in charge of pharmaceutical affairs to the Emirate and saddles with such mandate to represent the Emirate as the Emir deems fit.

The fateful day was on Monday 4th November, 2019 when the leadership of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria extended an invitation during the courtesy visit on the Emir Of Zazzau, Alhaji Shehu Idris CFR,LLD,FNTI and also requested him to serve as the Royal Father of the Day during its Opening Ceremony. However, due to the Emir's prior engagement, he assigned Professor Ahmed Tijjani Mora to represent him by virtue of his position in the Emirate Council coupled with the fact that he is a Professor of Pharmacy in one of the Universities in Nigeria, the foundation Dean of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kaduna State University and also a former two-term Registrar of the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria. But upon all his meritorious accolades and to the astonishing surprise of all those who wish Nigeria well and the entire people of Zazzau Emirate which comprise eleven (11) Local Governments of Kaduna State, he (Professor Ahmed Tijjani Mora) was denied access to the venue (Trade Fair Complex Rigachikun) the venue of the Opening Ceremony of the 92nd Annual Conference was on Tuesday 5th November, 2019. He drew the attention of the organizers that he was there to represent the Emir of Zazzau.

It is long overdue for us as a people to do away with the tribalism and religious bigotry in this country. Rather than to respect the customs and tradition of the host people of Zazzau Emirate where the event is taking place, the leadership of the Society decided to insult not Prof. Mora, but the entire people of Zazzau Emirate and especially His Highness the Emir of Zazzau. This will not happen to any emissary in Yoruba or Igbo land. It is equally good to state to the knowledge of all and sundry that the same Professor Ahmed Tijjani Mora has been appointed as the new Chairman of the Governing Council of the Pharmacist Council of Nigeria, by His Excellency, President Muhammad Buhari, but was denied inauguration by the same society due to sentiments of tribalistic and religious bigotry within the leadership of the PSN who denied him access to the Trade Fair Complex Rigachikun to represent His Highness the Emir Of Zazzau.

It is evidently clear that insulting the Emir's representative is cogently insulting the entire Zazzau populace including the Emir. From the above, we, the concern citizens of Zazzau hereby lament what happened and we simply and squarely cannot recognize the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria in any of it's dealings unless there is an apology published in one of the National dailies to His Highness and Prof. Ahmed Tijjani Mora.

We equally draw the attention of those in the helm of affairs including the Hon. Minister of Health; Hon. Minister of State of Health who was present when the incident happened, Permanent Secretary Federal Ministry of Health, the Kaduna State Government and Zazzau Emirate Council to ensure that Professor Ahmad Tijjani Mora is inaugurated in no time as the Chairman of the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria as he has already received his Appointment Letter from Presidency and was to be inaugurated on 25th April, 2019.

It is also vital to state that any delay defeats equity; and equity aids the vigilants not the indolents. It is also imperative to understand that Nigeria has no ethnic or religious connotation and above all, everyone as enshrined in the Nigerian Constitution of 1999 Section 1 Sub- Sections 1,2,3 which spells out the Supremacy of the Constitution.